Ethical vintage jewelry proposed by cutting-edge jewelry shop [chili]. "Passing on unchanging beauty to the next generation"

Born in 2021, chili (Chili / | UTOPIA Co., Ltd.) imports and sells vintage jewelry in Japan, which has been attracting attention overseas in recent years.
We will introduce the charm of chili jewelry and why vintage jewelry is now attracting worldwide attention.

chili -Vintage Jewelry-
"Unchanging beauty in the future, with your story on it"

Vintage jewelry shop chili was born from the desire to convey to everyone in Japan the charm of "handing down jewelry", which is a culture that has long been rooted in Europe and the United States, which has a long history with jewelry.

Engrave a new story into jewelry that has been loved for a long time and pass it on to the next generation.

We have carefully selected jewelry that is timeless and timeless and can be used for a long time.

All jewelry is vintage one-of-a-kind items purchased from authentic Western countries.

We have a wide range of lineups, from standard ruby ​​and sapphire to colored stones that are not yet familiar in Japan.

  • The clear brilliance of high-quality colored stones born in an era when gemstones were plentiful

  • Calming vintage gold texture

  • Sophisticated design created in the home of jewelry

The exquisite balance that these three weave is unique to chili jewelry.

Please enjoy the graceful jewelry that crosses the sea and transcends time.

Why is vintage jewelry so popular?
Vintage jewelry (reuse jewelry) is a modern age where individuality, values, and added value are emphasized.
  • "Enjoy your own fashion"
  • 'It's sustainable fashion'
For these reasons, it is attracting attention mainly overseas.
In addition, recently, the environment surrounding gemstones has
  • Stone depletion, mine closure
  • Burden on the natural environment
  • outbreak of conflict
  • harsh working environment
We are facing a stage where we have to rethink how we approach jewelry.
Without consuming new resources, find new brilliance in existing things,

We believe that vintage jewelry is a sustainable and ethical item that will make our future better.

Sapphire ring¥70,000~

February Birthstone Amethyst Ring ¥55,000~

Emerald, tourmaline, tsavorite ring¥60,000~

Blue Topaz Ring ¥60,000~