It all started when I proposed to my wife.

When I was a company employee, I was determined to find a ring, but I couldn't find a satisfying piece of current jewelry in terms of design, budget, and a little bit of sensibility.

Then I happened to find vintage jewelry from overseas.

Even though I looked at jewelry everyday, I still remember falling in love with its colorful, sparkling, and shiny appearance, as if it were worn by the main character in a movie.

Then I decided on a vintage sapphire ring made in Europe. I will never forget how impressed I was when my wife wore it for the first time.

I believe that jewelry that has come all the way to Japan over the years has more beauty than meets the eye. And that beauty will remain for decades and centuries to come.

Chili was born out of a desire to share this excitement and charm with you.

We will continue to deliver warm jewelry that will "stay with you for many years to come.

/ chili OWNER

Commitment to jewelry

We sells vintage jewelry purchase in USA, UK, and French based in Japan.Look around and find your next favorite jewelry!

ONLY ONE | Our vintage jewelry is all one-of-a-kind, no two pieces are alike.

FROM USA & EU | All jewelry is purchased in the United States, England, and France. Please enjoy the sophisticated design that can only be found in Europe and the United States, where jewelry has a long history.

ALL VINTAGE | All of our jewelry is carefully selected from those made between the 1930s and 1990s, and are in excellent condition and design. You will be surprised at the beauty that is as good as new.

The gorgeous and classical atmosphere of the good old days, called "antique", which is more than 100 years old, is still preserved, but at a lower price, and the durability and sophistication of the workmanship have increased with the improvement of manufacturing technology.


For your peace of mind

RESIZABLE |  We can resize your jewelry to fit you perfectly. Please contact us anytime before or after your purchase. ( Click here for details )

CERTIFICATE | All jewelry is purchased only from our authorized jewelers (with appraisers certified by GIA and other certification agencies in each country), and then undergoes a rigorous check by our experienced staff in Japan.

WARRANTY | Rings priced over ¥50,000 are covered by a one-year quality/product warranty from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, we will repair the ring free of charge if it is damaged by natural causes in spite of normal use. *only domestic use

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BUYER: Satomi

After working as an overseas buyer at an apparel select store, she is in charge of brand direction and jewelry buying for chili. She proposes new values of jewelry for people living in the present


While traveling around the world as an expatriate, he became fascinated with old jewelry that he happened to see. After retiring, he learned the know-how of jewelry making at an antique jewelry store in Tokyo, and later became independent. With his connections and experience, he brings you a unique piece of jewelry that can only be found at chili.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.