A one-of-a-kind gift for yourself or a loved one.
The enchanting brilliance of colored stones and the elegant texture of gold will brighten and brighten your daily mood.
Spend a wonderful time with a unique piece of jewelry.


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~50,000 yen

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¥ 200,000~


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May   June   July   August

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STONE | Choose from jewels

Sapphire   Ruby   ​​Emerald

Diamond   Opal   Aquamarine

Amethyst   Citrine  Moonstone

Kunzite  Garnet   Morganite

Peridot  Tanzanite  Topaz





If you have any questions about jewelry selection, please contact us via LINE chat.
You can chat with our staff members about anything from size adjustments, gift selection, and delivery.
We can give you a special offer to get ¥3000 off your purchase.

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