About jewelry warranty

We provide a one-year warranty for jewelry with a purchase price of 50,000 yen (including tax) or more.

During the warranty period, we will repair the product free of charge if it is naturally damaged despite normal use. Please keep the warranty card that came with your purchase in a safe place.

In addition, even if it is not covered by the warranty, we accept repairs for a fee. Please feel free to contact us.

Care for your jewelry

Our jewelry can be treated in the same way as current jewelry. There is no maintenance specific to vintage items.

We recommend that you remove your jewelry when changing clothes, bathing, or doing housework.
If you leave dirt such as sebum and dust on your jewelry when you wear it, it will dull the shine of the jewelry. At this time, rubbing too hard may distort the delicate parts of the setting claws, so please wipe gently and store them in a jewelry box after cleaning.

If you are concerned about stains on your jewelry, we recommend that you ask a professional cleaning service. Since the cleaning method differs depending on the type of gemstone, we would appreciate it if you could refrain from cleaning it yourself. Improper cleaning may cause the jewel to lose its brilliance.

About ring sizing

We accept resizing. (Approx. 3 weeks delivery time + Repair fee: ¥7,700 (tax included))

For reference, a simple single stone design can be repaired by about ±5, and a complex decoration such as a melee diamond around the stone can be repaired by about ±3.

Please contact us in advance as we may or may not be able to respond depending on the ring design, size, and repair company.

In addition, if you are worried about the size adjustment online or the feeling of wearing, we recommend that you bring it directly to a nearby repair shop after purchase.

The 9K, 10K, and 14K rings that we mainly handle can be handled by any repair shop.

About payment method

Credit card (VISA/Mastercard/American Express/JCB), Apple pay, Google pay, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Shop pay, various smartphone payments (PayPay, LINE Pay, Merpay), bank transfer, cash on delivery About") can be used.

  • About cash on delivery If you choose cash on delivery, the following "cash on delivery fee" will be charged separately from the "total amount" displayed on the payment screen. Please pay the total amount plus the cash-on-delivery fee to the delivery person.
    If the total amount is less than 10,000 yen: 330 yen (tax included)
    If the total amount is less than 30,000 yen: 440 yen (tax included)
    If the total amount is less than 100,000 yen: 660 yen (tax included)
    If the total amount is less than 300,000 yen: 1,100 yen (tax included)
    *Cash on delivery is not available for customers who use paid repairs such as resizing or wholesale customers. Please note.

About domestic shipping

Free shipping nationwide in Japan

About overseas shipping and international shipping

Free international shipping

Overseas shipping is supported by EMS.

About sales volume

Individual customers can order from 1 unit.

About shipping time

We will ship within 4 business days from the date of order confirmation.
Please note that it is not possible to specify the arrival date.
*If there is a delay, we will contact you by email in advance.

About the product

All vintage items are one-of-a-kind, so there may be minor scratches or stains that cannot be repaired by us. Also, depending on your device and viewing environment, the color and texture of the actual product may look slightly different from the photo. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

About allergies

It is not a metal allergy-friendly product. Please refrain from purchasing and using if you are not comfortable with plating or each precious metal. We do not take any responsibility for the onset of metal allergies. Please note.

About defective products

Please contact us using the inquiry form regarding the arrival of products that differ from your order, damage during delivery, or defective products.
We will contact you and after confirming the status, we will take measures such as a refund (transfer fee will be borne by us).
Regarding the arrival and damage of different products, please be sure to contact us within 7 days after the arrival of the product.
Regarding the refund method for credit card payment, we follow the credit card company.


We do not accept returns or refunds unless the product is defective.

Deadline for returns

We only accept returns if the product is defective.
Please contact us by e-mail within 7 days after the arrival of the product, describing the reason for the defect using the inquiry form.

return shipping

The customer will be responsible for returning the product due to customer's convenience. If the product is defective, we will bear the cost.

About the distributor

Store name: chili.jp

Business hours: 10:00~18:00

Email address: chili@utopiatrade.co.jp